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Quality Policy

We know by experience!

Soma Kimya brings a new look and a fresh breath to Construction Chemicals industry with its
amateur spirit and comprehension of professionalism.

High quality and customer satisfaction is our main priority in business. Therefore, we keep
improving product quality and being innovative.

The Basis of Quality Policy:

By pursuing technological innovations in the sector, we aim to be a leading brand by innovative

We will be continuously improving and developing our products and services to bring a new perspective
to the sector,

We aim to satisfy our customers by meeting their quality and cost expectation in a given time,

We ensure that all our employees to work with amateur’s spirit and professional’s experience in the
framework of the Quality Management System

We firmly believe that achievement and success of our employees play a vital role in our company’s

In this respect, we train our employees to develop good customer-orientation, risk-based preventive approach,
quality and continuous improvement awareness

We work in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, customer requirements and
regulatory requirements,

We are committed to incessantly improve the Quality Management System and competitive strength with the
participation of all employees.